Mobile Apps Development

Just when you thought that mobile apps are for entertainment purposes only, think again! In the Australia alone, smartphone use is projected to skyrocket to 70% of the whole population by 2018 from only around 40% in 2015.

Apps Builder Australia’s mobile apps development service can capably help you reach your target customers with our team of mobile apps developers in the Australia. More than creating visually appealing and custom functional websites, Apps Builder Australiaalso specializes in designing and developing mobile apps for various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

With years of combined experience in Android Development & iOS Development, Apps Builder Australiais one of the most credible mobile apps company in the Australia today.
Apps Builder Australiaalso engages in mobile application development outsourcing. Customers from anywhere in the world may outsource mobile apps development to save on production cost. There are various ways to outsource mobile apps development. Depending on your needs, we can develop mobile apps per project, per feature or per section, or per graphical user interface basis. We have mobile app development staff leasing packages as well from our staff leasing brand.

iOS App Development

iOS is undoubtedly one of the most popular operating systems today and is it also has arguably the largest collection of apps. Latest market analysis says that Apple’s iOS owned 14% of the smartphone market during the second quarter of 2015.

The number can be considered smaller compared to that of Android users, but this can never be ignored by aggressive business owners. Quick analysis of the market would tell you that owners of Apple devices (iPod, iPhone, and iPad) seem to have a higher capability to purchase apps.

Android App Development

Apps Builder Australia also has mobile applications developers who are capable of creating applications for Android, which reportedly owns approximately 87% of the Smartphone OS market.

The dramatic increase of patronage to 1.4 billion users in 2015, which is still growing, provides a reason for business owners to allocate efforts in finding a perfect mobile application company in the Australia that also offers outsourced apps development in staff leasing and dedicated virtual team agreements.

Some of the tools we’ll use in creating your app are:

• Apache Web Server, Tomcat, Resin, Nginx
• MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL
• Spring, Hibernate, JasperReports, Groovy, Roo
• Apache Hadoop, Solr
• Strut Tiles, JavaFX, DWR, Vaadin
• Ant, Maven
• Junit, Checkstyle, Emma, FindBugs, PMD
• Ruby on Rails (RoR) 2 & 3
• Android SDK, IOS
• Eclipse, RadRails, iReport
• SVN, Git

Types of Apps

Get the right mobile application for your business. We develop native apps, mobile web apps and hybrid apps.

Productivity Apps

Location-Based Mobile Apps

Entertainment Mobile Apps

Interactive Game Apps

Educational Apps

Liesure and Lifestyle Apps

M-Commerce Apps


Native Apps

Native Apps are mobile apps specifically built for a particular mobile operating system like Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. These are mobile apps which you can download from the App Store or Google Play, install on your mobile device and run by tapping the app’s icon.

The main advantage of Native App is its fast performance and high degree of reliability. Since Native Apps work with the device’s built-in features, they typically perform well and are faster. Native Apps are normally used for mobile app solutions which require offline data management in the mobile device.

Users can use some Native Apps without an active internet connection, making Native Apps the ideal apps for mobile solutions that need to function without an internet.


Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web Apps are basically a “mobile version” of a website or a web application. It has the same elements of your regular website or your web app – look and feel, pages, content, navigation, etc., but it features a mobile-friendly layout that offers improved readability, and functionality when viewed on a mobile device.

Mobile Web Apps are a set of web pages, are made using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, but are packaged in a way that allows them to run as an app on a user’s mobile device. The websites or web apps are packaged as mobile apps which may only show a specific set of web pages to the user when on mobile.

These apps are cross-platform mobile applications that run on the device’s web browser. Mobile Web Apps allow users “anytime-anywhere” access using an mobile operating system or any mobile device, without compromising user experience.

Mobile Web Apps are faster and cheaper to develop than native mobile apps since there will be no need to develop separate apps for Android and iOS.


Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps are somewhere between Native Apps and Mobile Web Apps. They are simpler and more rapid to develop and easier to maintain than Native Apps. Hybrid Apps are written with web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, and run inside a native container allowing your app to be installed in a device just like a Native App. Thus, it can also be downloaded in an App Store and Google Play.

The beauty of Hybrid App is that it combines the benefits of Native and Mobile Web App in a single application, giving your app the ability to be discovered and distributed in Android and iOS stores while you get a full-screen web view of the content inside your app which can be easily be updated and controlled.

Unsure which type of mobile app is right for your business? Contact us and we’ll help advise the right mobile app solution for you.